Inhibition activity of α-glucosidase by infusion and ethanol extract of white tea and stevia combination

  • Elvi Trinoviani
  • Ai Kholisoh
  • Nisa Fitriani Ar-Rifa
  • Ardi Rustamsyah
Keywords: α-glucosidase, liquor, extract, white tea, stevia


Ethanol extract of white tea and its stevia liquor was observed for α-glukosidase inhibition. The research was divided into some steps;  white tea and stevia combination hedonic sensory test, phytochemical identification, and α-glucosidase inhibition activity. The result of hedonic sensory test incline towards formula 2 which consist 75% of white tea and 25% stevia. Further, this formulation was extracted by ethanol for α-glucosidase inhibition activity test. Formulation 2 liquor tested for enzyme inhibition activity showed IC50 value was 36,96 µg/ml, better than ethanol extract and acarbose. Phytochemical identification presented that both preparations contained alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, triterpenes/steroid, and quinones.


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