The effectiveness of lamtoro(Leucaena sp.) leaf extract on the growth of weed in young tea

  • Sobar Darana Research Institute for Tea and Cinchona
Keywords: lamtoro leaf extract, young tea, germination, weed’s seed


A research to determine the effectiveness of lamtoro leaf extract on the growth of weeds in young tea plan­tation was carried out in Pasir Sarongge Experimental Garden and Plant Pro­tec­tion Laboratory RITC Gambung from June to December 2009. Researches on the effective­ness of lamtoro leaf extracts on the germination of weed’s seed, and on the growth of weeds in the field, were conducted. Lamtoro leaf extract treat­­ment at various concentrations tried, suppressed the germination of seeds of broad­leaf weeds (hareuga and babadotan) in the laboratory. In general, the germination supp­ression were increases with increasing the concentration of the extracts tested. Spraying of lamtoro leaf extract (Leucaena sp.) starting at concentration of 7.50% resul­ted better control effect and significantly different compared to controls. In addition, spraying treatment of lamtoro leaf extract could reduce the number of weed species.


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Author Biography

Sobar Darana, Research Institute for Tea and Cinchona
Plant Protection Researcher